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Basic Policy


1. There is a no refund policy.


2. Services are 100% Confidential and access to information cannot be gained by any external party except by Releases to be signed by the client themselves electronically.


3. Services are AS listed and cannot be added to except by request and by paying additional fees appropriate for the additional service.


4. Services for a Third Party (services for someone other than yourself) are not done.


5. Information on this site may not be copied or sold under the subject of law, and the tradename and copyright must remain on all reports distributed. If you remove them and it is discovered, it will be assumed you were using them under false pretenses and charges are to be pressed for copyright theft.


6. If you are under the age of 18 years old, you must have a parent or guardian's consent.


Right to Refuse Services


7. We have the right to refuse services if we choose not to render them. Any reasons we chose not to render services will be any of the following:


A.) Harassment of any kind. 

B.) Negativity being projected towards any member of this company.

C.) If we feel there is dishonesty of any kind during the submission request or false information.

D.) If the client is going outside of our professional guidelines.

E.) If there is a hidden agenda on the client’s part.

F.) If we discover the client is underage and without consent.

G.) If there is overbooking. Sometimes clients can be refused due to too many reservations.

H.) If the person is suspected of stealing methods and information.

I.) If the client is not cooperating with the service.

J.) If the client takes advantage of our services, blackmail, or manipulates, in any way.

K.) If the client does not seem to resonate with the way of our services, or our spiritual outlook and approach.



Privacy, Performance, and Payment


8. We have the right to terminate services after they have started if the client is not abiding by our terms and conditions.


9. All names used on this website are TradeMarked and protected by law. All work and writings are also protected by copyright. Anyone stealing content or Impersonating these works will be prosecuted by a court of law.


10. This site is monitored and tracked as are all emails sent from. Any negative, slandering, or harassing emails occurring more than once from the same IP Address are directly submitted to the United States Department of Justice for review. 

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